The Calvert City Chronicle, Thursday February 19th, 1920

Chaos in Sixtown!
Alan Radcliff

Big Dan McShane looks on as his bar is struck by the notorious Commissioner Farkas.


Last evening nearing midnight a gang of daring raiders lay in wait on Hax Alley where Big Dan McShane ran his barely-disguised speak easy, pretending to be a laundromat. They waited for McShane’s suppliers to show up behind the bar and, with no shots fired, took control of the offending truck as well as each case of liquor. The police arrived minutes after the gangsters sped off.

Soon, Commissioner Farkas got the scent of a big bust and moseyed down from Fort Adams to close the joint. Of course, its Farkas’ rampant closure of such Sixtown landmarks as Siciliano’s and Cosimo’s that has the gangs champing at the bit. As the Sixth Ward reaches new heights of instability, who can control the burgeoning tide of robbery and grand theft auto? The question rings out in the minds of Calvert City citizens.

Will John Farkas reap what he has sown, or is it only a matter of time before blood runs in the Sixtown streets?

Calvert City Chronicle

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