Carlton Club and Hotel

LOCATION: 1 Liberty Street
OWNER: Auguste Escoffier
MAITRE D’: Louis Valeurs

The Carlton Club and Hotel was established in 1911 by the French immigrant Escoffier. It began as a simple club at 1 Liberty and expanded in the subsequent years to a huge hotel with the patronage of the local political bosses. By 1917, the Carlton Club and Hotel had become the center of the night life in Calvert City for all those who could afford its extravagant expenses.

The club itself has become a VIP-only affair. The lavish lounge and lobby are open to all comers, and the rooms begin at $15/night. The entire interior has been built in the ornate lines of huge neo-classical columns, sprays of flowers, and nude statues modeled after those from ancient Rome. The “Nymph Room” and the “Hall of the Muses” are both sections in the VIP-only club, and it’s said that a huge stage in the center of the club features a nude review on Friday nights.

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Carlton Club and Hotel

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