Olive Dewitt


Muscle 57
Agility 92
Observation 70
Presence 10
Luck 25

Driving 84 (Agility + Observation)/2
HP 20 (Muscle + Agility)/10 + 5
Punching 4

130 lbs.
32 years old (born in 1888)

British Bulldog .45 revolver (225’, damage 6, rate 1, ammo 6)
Box of 100 Webley .45 bullets
Two suits w/ accoutrements — one dress, one pants suit
Velour cloche
Parisian spike-heeled shoes
Silk handbag
Silk scarf with beading

Weekly Salary: $44 (-$4 tax)
Weekly Expenses: $20

1. Make arrests for violations of the National Prohibition Act
2. Obtain warrants and conduct searches for evidence of violations of the National Prohibition Act
2. Destroy or confiscate any property (other than real estate) used to violate the National Prohibition Act
4. Close down for one year any building used as a speakeasy
5. Carry any type of gun (concealed or open)


District Commissioner of the Prohibition
Philip R. Cork

Ward 5: The Carlton Club

  • town’s mayor: Nathan Frost (huge, broad-shouldered) and his political allies
  • Governor of NJ: Runyon
  • $100 membership fee/year
  • Maitre D: Mr. Valuers, knows me as “Cora Lawrence”
  • Manager?: Auguste Escoffier, knows me as “Cora Lawrence”
  • Jaspah White: knows me as “Cora Lawrence”, patron, county prosecutor and city’s attorney, son of John (one of the the foremost judges of the district); knows Mayor Frost and a whole passel of his friends
  • Palais: movie theater that serves alcohol
  • Six Corners: speakeasy with powerful patrons
  • Meyer’s Steakhouse: speakeasy powerful patrons
  • laundry: Lin Wu’s
  • dishes: in-house
  • rear alley: negros bussed to and from the Western

Ward 1: The docks, prohibition office

  • Prohis: Carl and Manning—drink coffee and leer at flappers (unreliable)

Ward 2: Germantown

Ward 6: Little Italy

  • Agent John Farkas (Frankie)
  • One Trinity (next to Church, lower level of a brownstone): Slat with password entry
  • Eastern Street near Dallas (laundromat): Woman behind the counter speaks to customers, if they’re going in she closes the blinds and when she opens them again the customers are not there
  • Kalman’s (Cochren Street in a tenement): Run by Kalman Torma, 16 year old nephew named Abel, doorman named Abner; some pre-prohibition drinks, but large shipments (20 cases) weekly (on Mondays), shipment includes “Rotembackstein” and Canadian Club; in the courtyard of a tenement building, serves lower class immigrants
  • Cosimo’s Cafe (Lombard and Bond): drinks after dark

Olive Dewitt

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