Seamus Finnegan

6'1" 175 lbs ginger


Muscle 56
Agility 46
Observation 51
Luck 22
Presence 3

Driving 49 (Agility + Observation) /2
HP 16 (Muscle + Agility) /10 +5
Punching 3

Two suits
.22 revolver – 150’ range, 6 shots, fire rate 1, 4 wounds
100 bullets
letter from Redbrick distillery about Schultz
nice fountain pen
1 gallons of raw potato liquor
double-barrel shotgun
100 rounds of salt shot

Cash: $30.45


Big Dan McShane runs the speak fronting as a laundromat. Pretty cool guy, we’ll sell him the real thing only. He’ll pay $100 per crate.
G├ęza Jeszenszky runs a still out on the waterfront in the 14th ward. A pretty good guy that gave us some pointers on cutting booze with grain alcohol. He’s also our middleman for getting forged bottles, labels, and the like to make convincing cut booze.
Kalmer runs a speak on the back alley on Cochran. Password is “Open Sesame”. We can sell him our cut booze for $60 per case, or $65 if we can guarantee a steady supply. For the time being we’ll sell him our cut stuff.

I know of a carjacker named Alex Lizak. A quiet man with an intense greed. I haven’t met him yet.


Seamus Finnegan

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