Terry O'Doyle

A young irishman forced into petty crime by this cruel world. Have a heart, copper!


5’10", 160 pounds. Brown eyes, brown hair, freckles, 15 years old. Irish descent.
Profession: Crime
Muscle: 31
Agility: 65
Observation: 93
Luck: 45
Presence: 4
Driving: 79
HP: 15
Punching 2

Browning FN M1910 .32 ACP (.38) range: 150’, Capacity: 7 mag, 1 chambered , Damage: 5 wounds
100 .32 ACP (.38 equivalent), 2 extra loaded magazines

97 dollars and 75 cents

XP: 8


A tall, thin young irish man with brown eyes, freckles, and brown hair under a gray wool baker’s boy cap, he’s wearing a reddish scarf wrapped around his neck, as well as a long grey coat designed to keep off the rain, under which is a white button-down shirt with long sleeves, brown woolen mittens, full length brown pants, black socks, and brown leather shoes

Terry O'Doyle

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