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The Calvert City Chronicle, Friday January 17th, 1920


Agent Farkas says “Before anyone can say ‘Canadian Club,’ we’ll be calling the 6th Ward the Dry Ward.”

Prohibition pour

Last night at 11:45pm, Commissioner of the Prohibition Cork’s hand-picked Agent Farkas served the very first Seizure Order in Calvert City. While the docks were sound asleep, the officers of the 6th Ward were wide awake with crowbars and shotguns. They rolled up to Siciliano’s Restaurant in full regalia and prepared to take the doors. With them was the by-now famous cop Sid O’Connor who, earlier that day, had been involved in the shootout at Cosimo’s.

The officers confiscated some $5,000 of goods and cash used to facilitate the speakeasy’s operation and shuttered her doors until January of next year. Old Audio Manzinni, the proprietor, was taken away by Farkas and delivered to the city lockup to await his arraignment hearing and the inevitable release that comes after. Not to fear, though, good citizens, because the Office of the Prohibition has denied the bad guys one of their hide-outs and dumped out a great haul in booze!

“It’s only a matter of time till we roust out the other speakeasies, and before anyone can say ‘Canadian Club’ we’ll be calling the 6th Ward the Dry Ward,” Farkas said of the raid.

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